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Is LOGAN the movie you have been waiting for? I Review the movie.

Posted by The 40 Year Old Fan Boy on 5th Mar 2017

Wolverine is as well known as Disco music and just as old. We have seen the popular actor, Hugh Jackman, play our hero for 18 years on the big screen with Logan being his ninth time. Here is my review … read more

Is MARVEL finally turning things around?

Posted by The 40 year-old Fan-boy on 3rd Feb 2017

Marvel has lots of new series coming in April. The newest issue of Previews has sneak peeks at Marvels newest series that are scheduled for release this April. Most of these look very promising.B … read more

Marvel wants more readers!!

6th Jan 2017

Marvel Comics has just announced more free Digital Comic Downloads. Beginning in February, all Marvel digital redeem codes found in Marvel Universe titles will unlock two or more BONUS DIGITAL CO … read more

My review of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

25th Mar 2016

The epic battle between two of the most popular and longest running  comic book heroes has finally arrived. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is now in theaters for everyone to see. Or not. This … read more

Get ready to celebrate DC comic's "REBIRTH"

19th Feb 2016

Just recently, DC Entertainment Co-Publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee gave a First Look at the company's new relaunch titled "Rebirth". Until now, the idea that DC would restart all of their titles was … read more